George’s on 17-92 in Sanford


Photo taken 3/9/13

Wow. Seeing this kind of place always makes me think about the work of poet Charles Bukowksi.  Writer Kate Knibbs recently published an advice column in which she took on Charles’ persona.  Here is a sample:

Dear Charles,

I’m 26-years-old and I still live with my parents. I’m trying to make it in marketing but so far I can only get internships. How can I carve out a more lucrative and fulfilling career?

Young, Unsure Marketer

YUM: Careers are for women and sociopaths. The only honest way to make a living and still call yourself a man involves a blank piece of lined paper, a ballpoint pen, a tall glass of whisky, and the company of young whores. And a gun to shoot yourself if you ever think of entering the bourgeoisie nightmare factory they call a marketing office ever again.

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