Paradise Lost

So now you saw one world end and a new generation of men begin. – John Milton, “Paradise Lost”

Daytona Beach’s Tuscawilla Nature Preserve (not to be confused with neighboring Tuscawilla Park) is a lush 90-acre virgin Florida hammock located in the heart of the city.  It doesn’t get more “vintage” than that!  Adjacent to the Museum of Arts and Sciences, the Preserve was purchased by the City in 1948 and has undergone various improvements – including more than a half-mile of boardwalk – since then.  You can read more about it here.

Sadly, the now-incessant drone of low-flying aircraft  from local flight schools completely destroys the illusion of being in a wild and untouched place.   (Photo taken 9/6/08)

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One Response to Paradise Lost

  1. Paul says:

    Great shot — looks like a “jungle set” from a 1930s film…

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