Update: River Queen 2, Port Orange Marina 0

River Queen II

The abandoned Port Orange marina buildings featured in my January 28, 2012 post have disappeared and the now-vacant lot is surrounded by a green mesh-covered chain link fence.  What an ugly addition to such a beautiful spot! But I’m guessing here’s the reason for the barrier: the property’s riverfront is hosting the River Queen II – a full-size replica stern wheeler that until recently offered ecology and dinner tours out of the Daytona Beach marina.  I’ve not heard anything regarding the boat’s current status, but it looks rather lonely and forgotten. Perhaps it’s time for the owner to slap a Harley logo on it and rent it out as a party boat during Bike weeks. (Photo taken 5/23/12)

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One Response to Update: River Queen 2, Port Orange Marina 0

  1. Jeff Drury says:

    The River Queen II has been transformed into a floating restuarant called Captain Daddy’s. It should be open for business approximately September 19 or 20.

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