Ghost Sighting in Flagler Beach!

I came across these rediscovered “ghost signs” on A1A a few blocks south of the Flagler Beach Pier. The building is being renovated and I expect these painted remnants (from the 50’s?) will soon disappear again beneath another facade.  (Photos taken 5/5/12.)

I don’t see as many ghost signs in Florida as I do in other parts of country.  Folks here, I think, are quicker to paint over brick and stucco — downtown Beach Street is a good example.

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2 Responses to Ghost Sighting in Flagler Beach!

  1. Paul says:

    Wow — so cool — what a shame to cover it up. That said…I sure hope that “Open Tomorrow” sign is an old one left behind — that place doesn’t look ready for an opening to me!

  2. Robin says:

    Hello, we are the owners of the old Mothers building and love the pictures of the old art work. We would be very interested in getting a print of these photos. If you are interested please call me. Thank you, Nicolas Kimball

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