Ridin’ the Grey-dog

Daytona's long-vacant 1940's greyhound terminal at the corner of International Speedway Blvd. and Palmetto Street.

Once upon a time there was a certain romance about riding through the night on a Greyhound bus. I like the way Carl Perkins captured that feeling in his 1969 recording “Restless”:

Well I walked up to the window and said gimme a ticket please; she said where to mister, I said that’s all right with me. I’m just restless, I need to get on out of town. Take me where the livin’s easy, baby that’s where I’ll be found.

Honey tell that driver to put his big foot on the gas; run this old grey dog just as long as it might last. Cause I’m just restless, I got to get on out of town. Take me where the livin’s easy, baby that’s where I’ll be found.

Sign from Daytona's newly-vacant early 1960's Greyhound terminal on Ridgewood Ave. The terminal is so ugly I couldn't bring myself to take a photo.

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4 Responses to Ridin’ the Grey-dog

  1. liz says:

    It’s such a beautiful building! I’ve always dreamed of buying it and turning the upstairs into a studio space.

  2. Tom Brown says:

    So, is it a true fact that Greyhound intends to abandon Daytona altogether, or perhaps already has? Pathetic is we can’t keep at least a bus line. The vintage station has been sitting empty for so many years. Does anyone know the current asking price? Not sure of the owner’s strategy — perhaps to keep holding it in hopes the city will buy it to beautify and redevelop downtown? Doubt Daytona will ever be able to afford it, and the days of massive block grants from the feds are largely over.

    • I agree, Tom. It is pathetic. The current asking price is $295,000…in 2007 they wanted $950,000. In
      another year or two they’ll probably consider trading it for a mobile home in Palatka.

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