Mt. Moriah Baptist Church

This post comes via a suggestion from Tom Brown, with a nod to Najwa Dali and her interest in historic African-American churches.

Port Orange’s Mt. Moriah Baptist Church, established in 1911, is the only original building remaining from the Freemanville settlement of freed slaves.  The photo of the commemorative plaque on Ridgewood Ave. (near the entrance to Riverside Pavillion Park) will give you more on  the history of Freemanville – it can be enlarged for easier reading.  This still-active church is located on Orange Avenue, 2 blocks west of Ridgewood Ave. and about 5 blocks north of Dunlawton Ave.

By the way, note the No Trespassing sign tacked to the palm tree in front of the church and know that once again I was forced to violate a property owner’s wishes in order to inform and entertain my loyal followers.  (Photos taken March 2, 2012).

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6 Responses to Mt. Moriah Baptist Church

  1. Najwa Dali says:

    This is awesome! I have to visit this location. Thank you Greg.

  2. Lorrie says:

    I love the ‘Church Mother’ designation on the sign!

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  4. Hi Greg. I’m Ron Hurtibise and I publish a website called Florida History Network. I was wondering if you would let me repost your Mt Moriah and Freemanville photos/info with a blog entry I would like to run tomorrow. Would you let me know if its OK? I’d be happy to credit you and put your link with the photos and permanently on our resources page. Thanks!

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