This Was No Nickel and Dime Operation…

The S.H. Kress & Company building at 140 S. Beach Street was constructed in 1932 and added to the National Register in 1983.  In this age of  “big box” retailers it’s hard to imagine that eighty years ago a five-and-dime store chain cared enough about their customers and communities to create stores that were truly works of art. 

The Dayonta Beach Kress  – which today houses a variety of local professional offices – was designed by Edward F. Sibbert, who, according to a Wikipedia entry, was responsible for more than 50 Kress buildings between 1929 and 1944.  Although Kress was liquidated in 1980, many of their Art Deco masterpieces survive – including those in Orlando, Sarasota, and Key West.  My photo was taken 11/29/11. 

By the way, I can’t think of a single thing that you can buy today for five or ten cents — can you?  When our Kress store first opened, among the items you could purchase for a dime or less were a pair of socks, a hot dog or hamburger, a cup of coffee (not a jumbo mocha latte with whipped cream, I assume), the daily newspaper, a bar of Camay soap, two rolls of toilet paper, and, of course, a Moon Pie and a Royal Crown cola.

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3 Responses to This Was No Nickel and Dime Operation…

  1. Tom Brown says:

    A beautiful landmark. The interior is quite charming, too. Regarding penny candy, you can buy individual pieces of candy, chocolate kisses and the like, for about 3-7 cents each at Factory Card Outlet. The Port Orange library, last I knew, will still photocopy a page for you for a dime. Otherwise, yard sales are the best place to find five-and-dime bargains.

  2. nate says:

    …And deals were made with a handshake. And school was 3 miles uphill in the snow- both ways!

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