A Southern Trinity

You saw the title and thought this one must be about Jesus Christ, Robert E. Lee and Elvis Presley, right? Not this time.

Here’s my problem: it’s the start of SpeedWeeks and I have ZERO interest in the Daytona 500  (and the spectacle of contemporary corporate stock car racing in general). Still, how can I write a Daytona Beach-related blog and not mention it?

So allow me to celebrate the other two legs of the 500’s three-legged stool – and these are icons I can really embrace: Moon Pies and RC Colas.

According to www.moonpie.com  the tasty little confection of graham cracker, marshmallow and chocolate “gained fame in southern folklore as part of the ‘working man’s lunch’ in the 1930’s, teaming with a bottle of RC Cola – each then costing five cents – as “the biggest snack on the rack”.  As the website goes on to explain: “NASCAR fans were notorious for packing moon pies (and, one presumes, ummm, RC Colas (?) -gm) into their sack lunches on race day, one factor in the bakery’s decision to become the Daytona 500’s official snack cake in 1998 and 1999.” 

Just like the 500, the Moon Pie and RC Cola combination has been championed by country music (“Gimme An RC Cola and A Moon Pie” by Big Bill Lister, 1951) and has its own Facebook page.  There is even an annual RC Cola -Moon Pie festival in Bell Buckle, Tennessee; it’s slated for June 12 this year. Granted, it’s no SpeedWeeks, but it sure looks like fun and I bet it is a WHOLE lot more affordable!

From the RC Cola - Moon Pie Festival Facebook page

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4 Responses to A Southern Trinity

  1. Najwa Dali says:

    I remember Moon Pies and RC Colas. As a child they were a special treat for us. What a sugar rush!

    • Najwa: I hadn’t thought of it, but maybe that’s where we got all of our energy back then. I was partial to chocolate-covered malted milk balls, until one day after school when I bought a couple dozen at the candy store and ate them all before I got home. It was years before I could even LOOK at one again. 🙂

  2. Tom Brown says:

    Hi Greg — I’m wondering if Moon Pies have enjoyed a sales surge now that they’re mentioned frequently in the scripts of Big Bang Theory. (Dr. Sheldon Cooper is his momma’s little moonpie)

    • I hope so, Tom. I didn’t know about the Big Bang Theory connection, but am reminded of the Brendan Behan quote, “there is no such thing as bad publicity except your own obituary.”

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