Orange Ave. / Silver Beach Bridge

Built in 1954, the Orange Avenue drawbridge – also known as Silver Beach Bridge but officially is Veteran’s Memorial Bridge – is scheduled to be replaced with a high-rise span in 2014. This will leave the Main Street Bridge (as far as I know, that’s its only name) as Daytona Beach’s only drawbridge.

I wonder if the upcoming bridge project will dislocate its resident ghost: …the most popular version is of a young girl who grew up with her grandmother. Her name was Rose, and she loved a long cloak that her grandmother had given her as a gift. One night, Rose was walking over the bridge to her high school’s homecoming dance. She was wearing her cloak, and while on the bridge she was struck by a car and killed instantly. Her shoes flew under the bridge, but her cloak looked as if she laid it hanging over the side of the bridge lovingly.  She has been known to throw cans, shoes, and lawn furniture at cars passing by. (Source: Belanger, Jeff. Encyclopedia of Haunted Places, 2005.) The photos were taken 11/29/11.

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2 Responses to Orange Ave. / Silver Beach Bridge

  1. Any chance those shoes and cans are being lobbed by the book lovers and bicycle enthusiasts that hang around the library all day and sleep under those bridges when the sun sets?

  2. The Paul says:

    If they’d given away Emmys every time a reporter stood in front of the Orange Ave. bridge at rush hour doing live reports because it was stuck open, I’d be a very decorated journalist right now. Still, I kind of hate to see it replaced by a high rise…

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