Let’s take a spin

There isn’t much left of Daytona Beach’s old boardwalk — and that’s generally a good thing.  There are still a few nice remnants, though.  I especially like the Tilt-A-Whirl sign.  (Photos taken 11/18/11)

And next door, the sign over Joyland Arcade (which opened in 1939) has a nice early 60s look to it…although I don’t recall the arcades of that period serving Jello Shots. 


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2 Responses to Let’s take a spin

  1. moon milliken says:

    That is a great shot– could be a Bob Dylan album cover

  2. The Paul says:

    Ah, the boardwalk…a lovely place for family fun…I’ll never forget my first experience there…peacefully walking along the strip, watching the waves crash up on pier, and suddenly hearing the booming yell of “STOP!” — only to look over and see police making a prostitution bust. Yes, there’s nothing like the arcades of yester-year…

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